1. Brendan Eich, gay marriage and moral self-licensing

    Brendan Eich, gay marriage and moral self-licensing

    Moral self-licensing. When you think to be morally superior, you don’t respect anymore who has different views, and you feel it’s acceptable discriminate, insult and boycott. It’s typical in the overshooting phase.


    I agree with the same-sex marriage, but that’s not the topic of this post. Let’s talk about freedom.

    A free man, Brendan Eich, made a donation to support a ballot in California to ban…

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  2. Drones and exaustive oceanic research for MH370

    Drones and exaustive oceanic research for MH370

    MH370I have been busy with other stuff in the past few weeks. Here I am, anyway.

    As many people, I am very curious about the fate of MH370 flight. It’s not just about the (almost certain) death of 239 people, it’s also about aviation safety. Understanding what could have gone wrong will lead for sure to changes to the air safety regulations. Pilot suicide, hijacking, mechanical failure, fire,…

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  3. How to obliterate the North Korean regime?

    How to obliterate the North Korean regime?

    DPRKThe UN report about North Korean atrocities was released just few days ago. We already had some clues about what is going on in DPRK, but this report gives other horrible details. I am not willing to enlist all the crazy things that make DPRK unique, simply because it would be a very long list and we know probably only a part of the story.

    An interesting question is: when this will end? And how?

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  4. Virtual and Augmented Reality will allow us to walk around amazing CGI cities

    Virtual reality as been imagined for a very long time as a natural consequence of technological development. However, it seems to share the same fate of videophone: largely predicted decades before (2001 Space Odyssey), it failed to become a…

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  5. Ultimate fate of humanity: technological singularity and singleton

    Sometimes I read some funny and very unlikely prediction about the far future of humanity. Herether…

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  6. Biofuels: the green energy source that is destroying the Amazon rainforest

    Biofuels have a couple of (alledged) advantages: (apparently) they don’t contribute to the…

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  7. The real reason why we haven’t colonized Mars yet

    Almost 45 years ago man walked on the Moon. Space exploration seemed to progress at very fast…

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  8. Fukushima is the new Mayan prophecy

    Maya prophecy predicted the apocalypse on 21st December 2012. The world survived so there is a need…

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  9. Is a communication with God possible?

    In this post I want to define a communication protocol with God.
    First of all, what Godis? I am not…

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  10. The renewable/nuclear “Energy Bridge”

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